The Black Panther Soundtrack

Ok, so maybe you haven't heard, but Black Panther is perhaps the most anticipated movie of 2018. Really, the black culture has been patiently waiting for this movie since we got whiff that the movie was in production. It's not often that a black superhero is featured on the big screen as the lead from … Continue reading The Black Panther Soundtrack


Kendrick-Love Video Review

I woke up this morning to YouTube notification that Kendrick release a video for "LOVE," so me being a huge Kendrick fan I thought I would give a review on the video--why not? Right from the opening seconds when I saw that Dave and the little hommies were responsible for filming the vid I knew … Continue reading Kendrick-Love Video Review

Why you should celebrate Christmas even if you’re not Christian [or Pagan]

Every time November strolls around and the Christmas music begins to make its way onto the radio a feeling of dread comes over you. The thought of Santa Claus and tree decorations and presents make your head light and your stomach tight--you can't stand the commercially promoted gift-giving or the faux cheer that many people … Continue reading Why you should celebrate Christmas even if you’re not Christian [or Pagan]

Movie Review- Murder on the Orient Express

I realize that this movie has been out for going on three weeks now but I've been wanting to see it since watching the trailer some months ago, after watching the film I felt inspired to write my review about it. Realizing that my blog is still new and many of you don't know much … Continue reading Movie Review- Murder on the Orient Express

The starving Artist myth

         If your passion is in any medium of art, then you know the condescending looks and raised brows that come from family, friends, and even strangers when you tell them your plan is to make a living by creating art. They immediately attempt to downplay your dream by trying to convince … Continue reading The starving Artist myth

(TGIM) Thank God It’s Monday!-Reclaiming the Days

    I couldn't decide what I wanted to write about for my first blog, I had so many ideas. What I did know was that I wanted to make sure I introduced myself well enough that those of you reading would feel compelled to continue reading, and at the same time, I didn't want … Continue reading (TGIM) Thank God It’s Monday!-Reclaiming the Days